(Brooklyn, NY)

1 Timothy (Jan 1834 - Jan 10 1910) {born Clonakilty(?), Co. Cork, Ireland - arrived U.S. c.1854} [Parents: Daniel Desmond & Ellen Sullivan]
m. Ellen McCarthy (May 1839 - Apr 10 1903) {See the McCarthy family tree}

* Dates in italics are from 1900 Census Records
* Dates in block are calculated from ages given on 1920 or 1930 Census Records
* Most other dates are from Baptismal, Birth, Death, Cemetery, Ship Arrival, or Social Security Records

* The number in front of each name refers to their generation, and each generation is tabbed to the right beneath the generation above them. For example, someone numbered 3 is the child of the couple numbered 2 above him/her. Someone numbered 4 is the grandchild of the couple numbered 2 above him/her.
* Everybody is descended from Timothy & Ellen (numbered 1), who had 10 children (numbered 2). At last count, they had 40 grandchildren (numbered 3), 83 great grandchildren (numbered 4), and 207 great-great grandchildren (numbered 5). Later generations (numbered 6+) are too incomplete on this chart to be counted yet.

* Timothy & Ellen's tombstone at Holy Cross Cemetery, plus transciptions of his obituary and will.
* The families lived on Columbia St. in Red Hook from about 1856 into the 1920's. Their church throughout this period was the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
* Red Hook 1855 1866 1895
"The Horror At Red Hook" by H.P. Lovecraft, 1925
* Pictures of a few people
* If you're a male Desmond, join the Desmond surname DNA Project

* To all the people who have contributed information to this family tree over the years:
Brian Benson, Pete Dumbleton, Odile Dumbleton, Barbara Desmond, Morgan Desmond, John Patrick Desmond, Tom Desmond, David Redmond, Loretta Desmond, Jim Hull, Edward Desmond, Anne Desmond, Erin Antoville, Lillian Miller, Jay Desmond, Susan Sewell, Tricia Hiser, Rich Desmond, Patricia Wygand, Jennifer Zehentner, Dan Desmond III, Dan Desmond IV, KerryAnne Totillo, Debra Nelson, Elizabeth Desmond, Ed Desmond, Anne Desmond, Maggie D'Ecclessis, Karen Gallagher, Nora Kravis, Dan Gilmartin.
And especially Miles MacMahon and Raymond Maiara.

UPDATES (January 2018):
* It's been nearly 7 years since I made alterations to this page. But I will once again endeavor to keep this information current, so please feel encouraged to send revisions! Especially about people who have gotten married, or passed on.
* For those that are interested in the scientific angle of genealogical research, there are numerous Desmond descendants on 23AndMe and AncestryDNA.

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