(Brooklyn, NY)


1 Ellen (May 1839 - Apr 10 1903) {born Ireland - arrived U.S. c.1855} [Parents: John McCarthy & Mary {Carroll?}] [my Great-Great Grandmother]
m. Timothy Desmond {See the Desmond family tree}

1 Charles (1831 - Aug 1871)

1 Julia (1845 - Aug 6 1920)
m. Michael McKeon (1838 - Jun 1912)


Charles McCarthy:
- No death certificate is known to exist for Charles, even though he is buried in the Desmond cemetery plot.
- No 1870 census record appears to exist for Charles.
- A 1880 census record shows a Catherine McCarty (34) and her daughters Catherine (12) and Mary (8) living at 2542 Franklin St., along with her brother Joseph Seary (40).
- In the 1900 census, Mary is shown under her married name, along with her daughter Lillian, at 90 Butler St.

Julia McKeon:
- All of Julia's children with Michael McKeon were born in New Jersey. It would be interesting to find her marriage record there, to see if it names her parents.
- Julia's death certificate lists her parents as John McCarthy and Hanna Carrol. I've wondered if the Honora McCarthy who died in 1875 and is buried in the Desmond cemetery plot is "Hanna". Perhaps she was actually the step-mother of Ellen Desmond?
- John McKeon's death certificate lists his full name as John Carroll McKeon.
- There is an 1830s Dunmanway family consisting of parents Denis McCarthy and Honora Carroll, with children Mary, Charles, Denis, Ellen, Julia.
- None of the McKeons had children. A 1960's court filing concerning the disposal of McKeon property said the following:
"Julia McKeon was one of a family of three, she having a brother named Charles McCarthy and a sister, Ellen Desmond. ... The following persons survive said Charles McCarthy: Peter Dolan, Robert Dolan, Joan Conlin, Shirley Dolan, Lillian Feurehurd, Paul Dolan. The mother of the foregoing named children, Lillian Dolan, died intestate in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, on November 12, 1964."

There are several other McCarthys who appear in the records connected to the Desmonds, although their relationship, if any, is undetermined:
- Honora (1800 - Dec 13 1875) {Buried in the Desmond plot.}
- Edward {Godparent of James Desmond in 1896}
- Ann {Godparent of Matthew Desmond in 1895}
- Anna (born Apr 1876) {Appears in the 1900 Census, where she is listed as a "boarder" living with Mary Vetter and her daughter Lillian.}


1 John (@1835 - Apr 20 1896) {born County Meath?/Cavan? Ireland - arrived U.S. c. "1861"} [Parents: John Hyland & Catherine {Masterson?}]
m. [1865 - Feb 16, St.Mary's Manhattan] Catherine Bresnehan (Feb 28 @1844 - Aug 27 1911) {born Ireland - arrived U.S. "1862"} [Parents: Timothy Bresnehan & Catherine Leahy]


1 Francis (Jan 1847 - Sep 11 1924) {born Canada - arrived Manhattan b. 1850 and moved to Brooklyn c. "1886"} {See the Hewson family tree}
m. [1877] Catherine Robinson (Jan 1852 - Aug 24 1900) {born Richmond, VA - arrived N.Y.C. c. "1855"} {See the Robinson family tree}


1 Charles (Nov 4 1848 - Jun 6 1889) {born "Klosterwald", Wurtemburg, Germany - arrived U.S. c.1867?} [Parents: Philip Bohle & Franciska Nothhelfer]
m1. [1871] Anna Heun (Apr 15 1851 - Oct 1940) {born Hildburghausen, Thuringia, Germany - arrived U.S. 1869} [Parents: Johan Heun & Augusta Frank]

m2. [1892] Louis Noll (Feb 1851 - Jul 1905)


1 Michael
m. [1859] Mary Kearns


* NOTE: The surname of Michael Lisetza's mother is a mystery. His death certificate lists it as "Worzchek". His marriage certificate lists it as "Wechesg". His Social Security application lists it as "Vergechic".
My assumption is that those are just phoenetic pronunciations of the actual name.
I wouldn't discount the possibility of the name starting with "Wie". I've read that 2 Belorusian surname endings are "czyk" and "chuk", so maybe it includes a variant of those.

* Dates marked @ are calculated from ages given on 1870 or 1880 Census Records
* Dates in italics are from 1900 Census Records
* Dates in block are calculated from ages given on 1920 or 1930 Census Records
* Other dates are either from Baptismal, Birth, Death, Cemetery, Ship Arrival, or Social Security Records

* A few people

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